Watching + listening to… The Kendricks

The Kendricks

What happens when you combine an upbeat sound, a dark subject and some artistic influence from the Modernists? If you ask indie rockers The Kendricks, the answer is going to be the music video for their latest single, Threshing Time. Of course, extra kudos goes to the band in utilising their learned skills from film school and perhaps some natural talent in creating the video themselves to support their collectively shared passion for noise.

On first viewing, the classy DIY effort and the catchy hooks are inevitably going to stand out (maybe even getting trapped as a persistent earworm) but once attention diverts to the words, that hidden darkness becomes unavoidably apparent. Loss, death, descents – it’s all there for the taking, but the vividly cheerful visual treatment here manages to provide the intended homage to the triumph of human goodness and happiness over tragedy.



The track comes from the band’s debut EP Farewell, loaded with ‘nods to classic and folk rock, vintage alternative, and a good sense for pop’ in guitar laden sounds and a fondness for pensive, considered words.


In other news, the follow up EP Fire at Sea drops on 29th April – stay tuned!









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