Listening to… The Foreign Films

The Foreign Films

Last year, The Foreign Films kicked off a double LP release called The Record Collector. Shared in bite sized parts, each representing about three months of work, the initial release concluded with sharing side 4 back in February this year as a homage to the sense of wonder created from listening to songs past and present on a record player. Each side was planned to replicate a scene from a film that in totality would come together as a sonic-cinematic adventure.

Side 3 took its creative muse from influences held dear while growing up, ranging as wide as 60’s British, French and West Coast Pop, and Vintage soul. Northern Love Song is a burst of sunshine, embracing all things pop in the dreamy Stars in Her Eyes complete with big brass sounds. Vocals are layered and intertwined throughout Empire of the Night to accompany the lush arrangement of instruments in the track, all ending on a sweet note with A Foolish Symphony (Wait).



When side 4 kicks in, there’s a noticeable change with the funk soul sounds of Aloha Blue Sky waiting to be heard. With 7O’s soul and art rock providing the inspiration for this part of The Record Collector, the intricacies of sound play out in Falling Like A Star before combining with heartbreak in Time Disappears (La Lune De L’Amore). There’s a glimmer of hope that comes with Dream Another Dream, before some whimsical reflection shared in A Letter (to our future selves) to finish.


Even though this technically marked the complete release, apparently that’s not the end of the chronicle of sounds with plans to expand to a fifth and sixth side later in the year.







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