“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosphy.”
– Ludwig van Beethoven

Cast your eyes over a few posts on this blog and one thing becomes pretty clear. I like music…a lot.

I like it so much that I’ll tell anyone who will listen. My tales have probably fallen on a few deaf ears over the years but I decided it was finally time to create a permanent record of all the sounds that dominate my evenings and potentially earn me some street cred away from my nerdy day job.

Sure, it’s self-indulgent and the closest I’ll get to being the cool kid, but humour me if you dare. Follow the blog, read the posts, share something you like, live vicariously through my social life. The choices are yours, but most importantly you might find a new tune or two to please your ears, because it’s all about the music.

Twitter: @higherevelation

Email: ahigherrevelation@gmail.com

Also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Higher-Revelation/577922278922089?fref=ts

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