British India @ 170 Russell (with Tired Lion and Grenadiers) – 29 May ’15

There’s never a need to explain the rationale for having two support bands. If they’re good bands, it’s time to rejoice just like it was at 170 Russell on a Friday night not too long ago. Sure British India were the crowd drawer, but there were plenty of good sounds on the night.

Tired Lion kicked off Friday night’s proceedings, a bunch of four fresh-faced youngsters making their way to the city from the other side of the country to share their indie rock gems – ripping bass and drums (check out Desperate), and a hint of Gwen Stefani coming through in the vocals. But now there are faces to put to the sounds of I Don’t Think You Like Me.

Tired Lion @ 170 Russell

Tired Lion @ 170 Russell


And luckily there were fans of rock present, given the other interstate visitors for the night, Grenadiers know how to rock. There might only be three of them, but that’s no cause for holding back – power hitting drums, everything turned up loud and explosive vocals keeping up with it all. It’s hard to find anything wrong with these guys on stage, especially when they seem to be having just as much fun as the crowd, if not more. Just take the amount of noise and turmoil crammed into just a few minutes in Handfuls of Dirt or Take Forever. And other opportunity to put faces to sounds, this time for Summer.

But it was British India’s night, and as solid as they’ve been as a band in the past, they’re really coming into their own. The previous album was great, this one is just a little better – and the same can be said of the live shows. But the guys haven’t forgotten where they came from, going back a few years to Black & White Radio, This Dance is Loaded (complete with dancing like we hadn’t danced before when chorus dropped) and Safari before even dipping their toes into the new album.

But for a local crowd paired up with a local band, it was all good – new and old alike, and sheer delight in just another sad bastard break up song in Blame it All on Me, just to break up the monotony of happiness. Celebrating all things local, Run the Red Light had its moment to shine with special mention of the clip that had been filmed only around the corner in China Town.

British India @ 170 Russell

British India @ 170 Russell

Regardless of how good everything was, Suddenly was unbeatable – recognisable from a single note (perhaps a sign of too many plays on repeat?) and with a crowd clapping along (and in time), it was a highlight. Old and new intertwined to the end, wrapping up with everyone singing Wrong Direction – seems like there were just a few fans in the crowd that night.

But then an encore, for a 90’s flashback with a cover of Blink 182’s Dammit before one of the band’s faves in Summer Forgive Me to send everyone home from a sold out night of fun.

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