Getting the kids involved

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So a small sidetrack from the usual new tunes or gig to share – because sometimes there are other music-related things happening that are worth sharing.

It was a while ago now, but coming across an article about Challan Carmichael at Moroni 7 Records got my attention. This wasn’t just any old recording session, but one that involved a bunch of local children, teaching them a song and getting them to record it.

There are countless examples of kids doing amazing things with music – the jaw-dropping cover of Tool’s 46 and 2 or a marching band covering Rage Against the Machine (below) are just a few of the stand outs.

Things were no where near this cool or creative back in the day – if it was, students would have been bashing down the door to the music room begging to take part. Many said experiences of music classes are now cringe-worthy memories, especially those horrendous recorder performances at school assembly. But at the end of the day it’s all in the name of getting music happening early.

And why not, when music can have such a positive effect. Surely it’s not groundbreaking, but even Professor Paul Dolan, author of Happiness by Design acknowledges that listening to your favourite music instantly makes you feel happier. (Please don’t tell me that there was substantial and funded research behind that – I could have taken the money, and they could have taken my word for it…)


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