Bob Evans (with Tigertown and Davey Lane) @ The Corner – 17 May ’13

A Friday night, three acts to check out, sounds pretty good to me…First up was Davey Lane, previewing some upcoming solo material. Shame about the smallish, lacklustre crowd early on and a couple of technical glitches. I didn’t mind some of the stuff I heard but there seemed to be something missing….a band?


Davey Lane @ The Corner

But then Tigertown hit the stage….WOW. I was completely blown away. Luscious harmonies, beautiful melodies, hypnotic and magical. It’s an absolute pleasure watching Tigertown on stage – the joy and beauty of their music radiates through each of the band members, they’re enjoying it and you can’t help but enjoy it with them. Hard to pick a fave, but loved ‘All We Stand On’, and ‘Morning Has Finally Come’, and everything else I heard!

(There’s also some strange llama /Alpaca obsession going on…not sure what that’s about. If you find that intriguing and it gets you listening to Tigertown, that’s great!)

Tigertown @ The Corner

Tigertown @ The Corner

Anyway, it would have been good enough to have Tigertown as the headline act, but the night just got better. Performing in his new hometown, Bob Evans (aka Kevin Mitchell, Jebediah) complete with acoustic guitar adorned with fairy lights treated the crowd to set mixed with older tracks and his latest album Familiar Strangers – in fact opening with the opening tracks (‘Footscray Park’, and ‘Maps’) and closing with the last track, ‘Wonderful You’ – nice touch!

After a massive crowd singalong to the Divinyls classic ‘I Touch Myself’, it was time for the music to come to the audience. Bob jumped into the crowd with guitar in hand, wandering around the floor for ;Darlin’ Won’t You Come’. The harmonica also made a few featured appearances, most memorably in what was apparently a rendition of ‘Redemption Song’ (a ‘creative’ interpretation?? 😉 ), and calling up a member of the crowd on stage for more participation on vocals and harmonica on ‘Turn’, and doing a splendid job indeed (note to self….don’t yell out song requests at a Bob Evans show!)

Bob Evans @ The Corner

Bob Evans @ The Corner

It was clearly the week of “raucous bogan drawing undue attention to oneself in the crowd”, firstly at The Gaslight Anthem, and then here but all was taken in stride and provided some light between-song banter and humour. At the end of the day, the music prevails and an entertaining evening was had by all (I think…if nothing else, I had fun).

Looking forward to hearing the improved rendition of Redemption Song on harmonica on the next tour 😉

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