Birds of Tokyo @ The Hi Fi Melb (with All the Colours and Asta) – 22 May ’13

Walking into the Hi Fi a few weeks ago seemed no different to any other night, apart from having a glow stick bestowed to one’s possession. Perhaps just the icing on the cake in being welcomed to a night of brilliant sounds with  All the Colours. Think progressive vintage pop (as described on Facebook) and sharp outfits to boot.

This Melbourne four piece have some seriously catchy tunes. It seemed to be a bit of a tough crowd to please early on, but I was keen to see them after having a quick listen to them online pre-gig. The harmonies are great, the melodies catchy and it had me and a few others dancing along. ‘Love like That’ was a clear stand out, but after post gig iTunes purchases and several listens, I’m keen to see these guys again live…


All The Colours @ The Hi Fi

Asta then lit up the stage in a Kimbra-esque outfit with soulful and powerful vocals well beyond her years. I was expecting good things, but the set was better than I had anticipated, mixing up an energy and attitude filled set with the known ‘My Heart is on Fire’ and ‘Escape’, and testing out some new material including ‘Floating on the Edge of the Ocean’ (all great by the way!). The only downside was the set came to an abrupt and awkward end. Not too sure what went wrong there….slightly disappointing, only because we wanted to hear more.


Asta @ The Hi Fi

Then it was time for Birds of Tokyo….it felt like only yesterday that I’d seen them at the Forum. The last tour was very heavily based around the new album, March Fires and admittedly still trying to find the balance between old and new material. It seems to be the ongoing challenge and dilemma with bands once the catalogue expands to a fourth album and beyond, but the mix has definitely improved (not that there was anything wrong last time…I just want to hear all the songs). Highlights of the night  included ‘An Ode to Death’ and hearing ‘Sirin’ live for the first time,  truly amazing stuff.


Birds of Tokyo @ The Hi Fi

‘Lanterns’ is already a clear stand out from the latest album, March Fires, and you can’t help but get an inkling that it is going to be ‘that’ track, the guaranteed iconic all crowd-pleasing singalong that everyone will know all the words to (or will be able to convincingly mumble through without anyone really noticing). One day it might even get to the point where the crowd will take over on vocals, at least for the first verse….if that happens, I hope I’m there to see it. I’m surprised that no one grabbed their glowsticks ‘lighter style’ to wave along…

This was the third time I’d seen Birds of Tokyo this year – perhaps overkill for some, but they did not disappoint. There’s a clip floating around somewhere from this gig….will hunt it down and post it sometime soon. So without uploading a separate post, check out footage from The Forum (back in March 2013)

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