Kaki King @ The Corner Hotel (with The Little Stevies) (30 May ’13)

Stevies Kaki

Trying to cram too much into a day (ie working too late) takes its toll when you’re meant to be heading to a gig that same day. In this case, I almost missed seeing The Little Stevies supporting Kaki King. All was not lost however, making it to the venue for all of three and a half songs (phew!), including Grandma, Feel It and and new track that might be called Diamond(s)?

Hailing from Melbourne (hurray!), The Little Stevies are sisters Sibylla and Bethany Stephen, a new discovery for my ears but worth checking out. They remind me a little of The Waifs in their Australian-esque storytelling folk ways, with heartfelt lyrics that will leave you feeling a little happier than you were before (hopefully!) Chilling out to some beautiful, sublime vocals was a perfect start to the evening. Plus you can’t go past an electric ukelele

Check out The Little Stevies on YouTube or on Spotify

Moving closer to the stage, I did my best to get a good view which was later ruined by the dude who was way too tall for the front of the stage, and the canoodling couple who kept their heads together like conjoined twins blocking my direct view of the stage. I was rather optimistic when Kaki kindly requested that the tall people should move back but the request fell on deaf ears. However constant movement within a confined space, standing on toes and straining my neck meant that I managed to see a fair amount of the incredible guitar work unravelling in front of everyone.

It was an absolute pleasure to be part of an audience that was completely enchanted and captivated by the evening’s performance, watching in awe, amazement and for a pleasant change, complete silence. Featuring songs spanning across several albums, particularly the most recent, Glow, Kaki engaged the audience with her music and witty banter, even taking the time to feature the guitars being used on different songs.

I’m not a guitarist, but I was absolutely enthralled with all the nerdy guitar knowledge shared on the night – The Gryphon used on ‘Fences’ (a fave on the night),  erogonomic impacts of fanned fret patterns , creating a bridge at the 16th fret to create fifths on either side of the guitar (creating that oriental sound in ‘Bowen Island’) and the really cool element installed in one of the guitars that worked as a transducer, basically creating a synth guitar sound. Impressive stuff! I must also remember to check out ETHEL who feature on ‘The Fire Eater’

Kaki claimed to be unemployable in any other field, but watching the mastery of her guitar work first hand I don’t think that’s a problem now….or ever.

I didn’t take a single pic…but there are some great shots to check out here

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