Birds of Tokyo @ Zoo Twilights Melbourne (with Fractures) – 13 Feb ’16

Birds of Tokyo @ Zoo Twilights, Melbourne

Birds of Tokyo @ Zoo Twilights, Melbourne


The people arrived again in droves armed with picnic blankets, food and drinks aplenty for another night at the Melbourne Zoo, cooperative weather and more tunes to be enjoyed. While the sun was still beaming brightly, Fractures took to the stage, clad in solemn black and with band in tow to bring some smooth, minimalist melodies to the stage. Grateful to the sizeable crowd that had already amassed on the grounds, music and dry humour entertained the people. New tunes were certainly A-grade, and not only because they started with A (Alchemy, and Apnoea if the memory serves correctly) bringing something a little richer and more alternative to the set.


Sunset approaching signalled time for the main act, with Birds of Tokyo in a less than typical setting bringing in tow a slightly different take on a few tunes. A little less rock and a few new arrangements all fell on the ears of a very relaxed crowd. The first surprise came by way of an unforeseen segue to Eye of the Tiger midway through Plans, and was shortly followed by some unfamiliar sounds with the band trialling out a new number. Later on, the usual rock and angst of Sillhouettic was replaced with a softer, stripped back take albeit still accompanied by those all familiar red stage lights.


There was enough of the familiar, both old and new to appease the masses though and even if the sounds of Birds of Tokyo weren’t well known, a fitting tribute to the legend of Bowie in Ashes to Ashes would have hit the aural archives. But Lanterns still managed to get everyone on their feet, and joining in for This Fire to wrap up the night.



Birds of Tokyo @ Zoo Twilights, Melbourne

Birds of Tokyo @ Zoo Twilights, Melbourne

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