New Music: Mother Leads

mother leads

Mother Leads was born in November 2008, from the sacred suburban grounds of Ajax, Ontario courtesy of two long time friends Neil Culbert and Raymond Cara. Introducing Jordan Quinn into the fold the following year, developing the band’s sound to the hard biting, melodic hooks, big riffs and brick-house drumming that it is today.

This one has been sitting in the listening pile for a hell of a while, but after finally having a listen Myriads encapsulates everything that melodic hooks, big riffs and brick house drumming can deliver from the album’s first track Architects. Bring You Down explores a more classic sound, but still with a heavy persuasion before a little detour on Let Me Die.

The album fleets between more progressive, harder edged sounds and classic rock influences. Burn Up is relentlessly unforgiving in delivering an explosive rock sound, and while Alive takes on the challenges of blending mellower sounds into complex builds, Amazona wraps everything up into an epic finish.









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