New Music: Goodnight, Sunrise – Bridgeburner Split Single

goodnight sunrise


Toronto based Goodnight, Sunrise describe themselves as a birthday party in a band. Not sure if there’s cake involved, but there are glow sticks. And music.

Not an album, and not an EP, but a split single as part of an ongoing series and gap filler between bigger releases. Not dual vocals, but showcasing both David and Vanessa, the group’s main songwriters separately – two songs for a split single, one for each so all is fair and amicable.

The V side, courtesy of keytarist Vanessa Vakharia is ‘Liar Liar’ – an all too familiar subject being shared in a song, with the therapeutic words of a scorned heart delivered in a surf punk thrasher.

In comparison, the D side comes courtesy of guitarist and producer David Kochberg in ‘Gold Star’ continuing the defiant words and perhaps the another perspective of the saga.

Regardless, the split single gives a split view of an otherwise dual delivery duo. A solid effort on Bridgeburner hinting at the might these two might pull off together.











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