New Music: City Below – Sleeping Beast EP

CIty Below

City Below from Raleigh, NC are Ben and Lindsey Halliday together with Katharine Liang Houck on violin and viola, drums courtesy of JP Ferrell and some talented guest musicians.

As a prelude to a full album, the Sleeping Beast EP was released, sharing four of the songs that would be included.

Fantasy offers a source of inspiration for both the band’s name and the song writing courtesy of Lindsey Halliday, City Below creates sounds that reflect the sense of a magical world within your own world while drawing on influences ranging from Tori Amos, The Avett Brothers and Joni Mitchell.

From the EP’s title track, Sleeping Beast is an offer of tender, feminine vocals introducing the folk sounds of the band, as violin and intricate guitar accompany the imagery and visual scapes intertwined in words.

November Again changes the mood a little, but 13 o’clock and Blink return to lyrical journeys and whimsical tales intrinsic to the band’s sound, able to stretch moments of time beyond mere glimpses in descriptive detail.





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