New Music – Lyonn, Promenade EP


Promenade, the second EP from Lyonn was released earlier in the year. The musical project of US based singer-songwriter Tyler Gelrud commenced after a stint in alternative bands and European travel adventures inspiring its inception.

The youthful naivety of Dancing Machine is the first taste of Lyonn’s work on Promenade. Listening to the whole EP, it may not be the most fitting opening but Midnight Mind is a great pop track – big produced sounds, lots of lush layered arrangements and vocals and a few catchy hooks. All with enough style and character to avoid any overly cheesy pop nuances.

Pop sensibilities and storytelling continue in Just Say Hello, a slower tempo but still packed with big vocals and broad, lavish soundscapes continuing into Sing You To Sleep.

If you like this, it might also be worth checking out Lyonn’s debut EP, Knivsta








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