Unplugged Live: Portrait of An Artist – Missy Higgins @ Ian Potter Centre, NGV – 7 Sept ’14

Another Sunday, another trip to the NGV. That means two trips in eight days for the music, and the last installment of the Portrait of an Artist series, wrapping up with Missy Higgins. On this occasion, it seemed a few people had a similar plan with the crowd spilling out of the performance area.

Missy Higgins @ Ian Potter Centre, NGV

Missy Higgins @ Ian Potter Centre, NGV


Kicking off with a cover of Don Walker’s The Way You Are Tonight from the forthcoming OZ album, subtleties of jazz gliding and a refreshing  exposure to versatility before treating the expecting crowd to some of her own.

The snapshot of the creative process began with an insight into the first song written and creative aspirations growing up, before the influence of space and the wilderness in the lead up to album two, its creative challenges along with the remoteness of Broome that inspired  Going North.

Another taste of Oz came with Shark Fin Blues, a cover from The Drones. A band I’ve continuously struggled with despite numerous accolades and praise, but a cover well worth listening to and perhaps appreciate The Drones in another light if the direct delivery doesn’t hit the mark. But more importantly, the discussion that followed shared the importance of Australian artists in Higgins’ own music and the inspiration behind the latest album’s intent.

Wrapping up with Everyone’s Waiting, well an attempt at least to begin…forgetting the song, forgetting the key, black and white keys merging into a mirage of grey…a laugh but resulting in attempt #2 successfully delivered for a fitting end. Stunningly present and articulate.


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