Listening to… Nervous Twitch

Nervous Twitch

Leeds-based Nervous Twitch deliver short bursts of guitar laden pop-punk tinged with a little surf, garage rock and even a little blues in offering angst-ridden tunes on their second album, Don’t Take My TV.

So Rock’n’Roll delivers on cue, with deadpan vocals before being hooked into a homage for one John Power all because of a catchy little riff. Steering away from the catchy tunes, Can’t Find the Words pumps through some straight up, fast paced punk but some organ leading into Something Wrong with Me delivers a pretty uptempo tune considering the tale attested to in lyrics.

On the whole, this lot like their tunes short and fast even when venturing into some sweet guitars in I’m Sorry That I Made You Cry Even if the album ends on a fun groove with A Little Self Discipline, a little calamity doesn’t really go astray if it results in sounds like these.







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