Listening to… Young Magic

Young Magic

Still Life is Young Magic’s third album – the culmination of Indonesian-American Melati Malay’s work following discovery and sojourn, working along with long-time collaborator and Sydney-born Isaac Emmanuel. The album brings textures and sonic discovery including the use of the Javanese Gamelan and all brought to life with a skillful group of musicians in tow.

Valhalla subtly builds with organic rhythms and flow as delicate vocals hover around sparse sounds. A lighter, melodic sound comes with Lucien, working in tandem with a haunting vocal for an intricate effect. All of the creative elements and influences that undoubtedly came from reconnection and self-discovery seem limitless in charm, with everything from the enchanting spell of Sleep Now, the intrigue of IWY or the ethereal vibes of Sky Interior. The brilliance of How Wonderful is nothing short of stellar.










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