Listening to… Oh Geronimo

Oh Geronimo


Oh Geronimo is an indie folk rock project amongst friends, providing an escape from the everyday. Through their songs, this six piece share the tales that have marked their lives. Last year saw The Flood released, recounting basement flooding experienced on two occasions and all its calamity. Then this year, The Flood and several other songs came together on the band’s latest album, Sleep Rhythms.

Light-filled, airy sounds kick off the search for escapism and freedom in Treeline. It might seem like the band is channelling some old school traditional folk early on in Arctic Shore but it becomes a spirited folk rock number bursting with cheery sounds. In Sleep Rhythms, defiant words take the spotlight and vocal talents are showcased in Sleepy Mole. While listening to the album, what becomes apparent are the melodious sounds, striking harmonies and poignant, spiralling moments bringing everything to soaring heights with Waves being a standout. But a change of pace is offered with Black Duck Bay just to show a little versatility.












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