Listening to… Twin Within

Twin Within


Brewing for five years before releasing a record, Twin Within is a project that Steve McKay and Alex Samaras have worked on, choosing from a plethora of songs written over a similar period to produce what became their debut release, Horizontal Lines. Twin Within is said to follow in the tradition of the Righteous Brothers, Walker Brothers, or Simon & Garfunkel, but at the same time bringing something a little more contemporary to what they do.

In a nutshell, its two guys singing in unison, in harmony and occasionally branching off separately to share tunes that source themes from adult life. YerYard ’78 takes on the might of New York and embracing all things architecture in a synth filled pop number, before reverting to folk sounds with a nod to their influences in Bernie. Although Tunnel To The Reservoir intends to ponder simpler times, the arrangement is anything but simple, letting their vocals flourish against all the little embellishments of sound.

But in terms of pure pop charm, the playful verses ringing in classic sounds during We Talk are brimming in light and dreamy soundscapes to accompany charming vocal interplay. In stark contrast, there’s a sense of haunting mystery surrounding Night Danger and before the gushy As Always, there’s Two Within that comes with glorious layers and crescendos.










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