New Music: Lake Lady

lake lady

Lake Lady is Oakland based Charise Sowells, channelling a worldly musical soul with a modern sound influenced by all things current and old. It all cumulates in her latest EP release Better Day, where musings from trip-hop, jazz and more all come together.

Will Your Feelings Change? delivers a soulful vibe with velvety vocals, a minimalist tune full of subtleties, before vocal prowess is showcased in the cool, bluesy All Over This Town. On a high note, Better Day brings in a funkier mood, only fitting for the optimism and hopefulness it delivers. And to top it all off, there’s some ukulele to be heard through all the chilled listening in case the haunting vocals and beats weren’t enough.


Talents here go way beyond the music though, with Lake Lady taking her creativity to her videos as well.









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