New Music: Delta Will

Delta Will

Starting out as a bedroom project, Delta Will has grown into a four-piece band over the past few years, now with a new album, Weathering, under its wings. Bedded in rock but very much boundless when it comes to genre, Delta Will uses its eclectic approach to explore the various aspects of human condition to vividly depict everything from calmness to volatility in sound.

As far as Weathering goes, the dreamy awakening of Dawn Song with bursts of sound popping through is a sunny invitation to keep listening here. Then there are these playful trickles of melody accompanying a tale of encounters and journeys from We Were Born, contrasting against the textured, rich Manic Pulse.

A fun filled twist comes by way of In The Fog, and the band’s latest single A Dream focuses on confusion between waking life and dreams building into flurry of sounds. It comes in stark contrast to the stylish sound of I Will Receive It as a finale, providing some resolve and closure after pushing tracks in a myriad of creative directions.









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