Listening to… Zen Project

Zen project (white)

Zen Project are out of Cheshire, UK. They have a rock / alt / indie sound, citing influences ranging from The Beatles to Manic Street Preachers but still endeavouring to create their own sound. Quiet of late they may be, but change is looming with the hunt for a new guitarist and word of a new EP looming so it seems apt to take a listen.

There are traces of sounds that are reminiscent of Manic Street Preachers, and perhaps even a little of The Frames or The Stone Roses coming through. But it’s a good thing, with tunes that are melodic, with weighty sounds packing a punch, not to mention loaded with big vocals and catchy guitar for an ear pleasing listen. Searching is a supercharged number and with Politics denouncing signs of the times, it will probably linger around in the mind for a little while too.









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