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For Esme

For Esmé recently joined forced with the talents at Puncture Design to create a video for Make A Sound. Intended to be a nostalgic trip back to 1979 late night TV performances from bands like Blondie and Depeche Mode, and recording shows on VHS tapes (aka well before the internet and YouTube came along), the video delivers exactly as promised. Couple that with the synth laden pop sound of the track and you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was an old tape lurking around in the dusty back corners of a cupboard, being played on a well worn, clunky VHS player. But strip away with glitz and glam, and you’re left with words that tell of the exhaustive need to share the greatness of life, rather than just enjoying moments for what they are.


The track comes off the band’s album, Sugar that brings the band’s artpop sounds to the forefront. Dreamy with a little edge and assertiveness that seeks to rise above the seemingly downward spiral of the present day, bringing a little resilience and hope through music. Be A Light offers a mighty presence as an opening track, celebrating triumph in Just Yet and the burden of self-consciousness coming to life in The Same Thing.


There’s also a great little video for You, well worth checking out too!










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