Calexico @ Hamer Hall (with Krista Polvere) – 2 Mar ’16


On first impressions, there was the logistical feat to admire on stage with a plethora of musical instruments and seven band members along with the usual gear but more impressive was the musical journey with Calexico at the wheel.

Krista Polvere came armed with a guitar and a songbook, ready to share her song writing craft with an attentive and appreciative audience, slowly growing in number to see Calexico.

Opening with the all familiar Trigger delivered with fervent vocals and mingling soundscapes, then changing mood and feel with Falling From The Sky was an early sign of the kaleidoscope of genres to be explored. The audience seemed almost restrained at times by those comfy chairs and the confines of a music hall commanding polite, reserved behaviour. But there were still impressive efforts from the band in getting some participation, including another stopover on the crazy musical tour with Cumbia De Donde impressing with rhythms and diverse talent.

Calexico made the most of drawing across an extensive eight albums in the set while showcasing the new, and at times you’d probably be forgiven for envisaging a couple of sombreros fitting into stage attire quite nicely or even being a little geographically disoriented by sound at times. It comes with the territory of seeing the Arizona-based band on stage, and somehow it all just works out. The inclusion of tunes like Roka allowed every band member to showcase their exquisite talent. Astute lyrics, melancholic tales and vivid sounds that create a picturesque air all came to an end by finally getting a decent party started (because it’s Friday night somewhere…) with Corona and a standing ovation. It’s the reason to see Calexico live, and the drawcard for coming back next time around.

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