New Music: The Smoking Bells

Smoking Bells

The Smoking Bells formed in Toronto, coming from varied musical backgrounds but a shared love of off-kilter pop immersed with groove, going back to the band’s first release back in 2012.

Knowing that sleep paralysis drove some of the creative process may help to explain some of the intricate quirks in sounds and effects coming through in the band’s most recent single. But amongst the haze in Good Woman comes the tale spurred from the end of a dream.



The track comes as a precursor to the release of the band’s album called Sleeptalk on March 4. The album was born from an intense fascination with dreaming and sleeping, coming to fruition by sheer desire to will subconsciousness into tangible auditory and visual forms. It starts with a mellow groove courtesy of the album’s title track, building into pursuit, fury and dreamy fogs, through to the joyous sounds of a track called Andy What’s This Called and lighter feel of Big Kahuna.

As the band says, ‘Sweet dreams. Listen well.’









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