New Music: Mugzy


Mugzy is an aspiring hip-hop artist from Australia. His first exposure to hip hop came from hearing Eminem (Purple Pills to be precise), providing inspiration and interest in hip hop culture from the likes of 2 Pac, Biggie, 50 Cent, DMX and back to Public Enemy. Being able to relate to lyrics drove the appeal and fascination with hip hop, and sharing truthful words about struggles with hardships, self-doubt and lack of confidence.

The keys tinkering away in Understand Me are a good enough hook to get some attention, but the words shared sum up Mugzy’s view of the world and foundation for his music. The album, of the same name continues the theme, being defiant in Can’t Stop Us and Dreams. Biographical accounts are shared in other tunes like Long Time Ago, while ambitions hold strong in Darkness Falls and raw emotions are rife in Don’t Cry.






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