New Music: Mune


Six piece Mune may consider themselves to be a rock band, but their sound delivers far more on the band’s album, Falling Through than what genre can describe with light, dark, spacious and rich melodies all coming through at some point.

The first single, Khazé captures a memory about returning to a city and the demise of a relationship. Despite the potential of a sombre, depressing tune the track is drenched in a hazy glare with bright guitars and soft, wistful vocals coming into a gentle whirlwind of colour.

Then there’s the finicky attention to minute detail and enveloping harmonies that will probably reveal something different on every listen to Instinct, the dreaminess of Fool my Senses, as well as the darker, more serious tones coming through on Call to Arms. Everything wraps up with a beautiful, lush sound sweeping through on Stand Back.


For a completely different take on the band’s sound, Falling Through Remixed was released a little while ago, scraping the rock and arrangements from the LP for a vastly different interpretation.


But of course there is something to look forward to – new things on the horizon. The footage is recent and sparse, but there’s definitely the makings of a little recording set up going on. Time will tell…








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