New Music: Ismael Clark and the Cosmic Athletes

Ismael Clark and the Cosmic Athletes

After releasing a debut solo album last year, Ismael Clark’s latest release sees a band in tow and a new EP, Ismael Clark and the Cosmic Athletes for a change of pace. Joining Ismael Clark are Simon Miles (Bass guitar), Tom King (Drums), David Barttlet (Electric guitar) and Hayley Alker (Keyboards and Backing vocals) with Keiran Young joining on trumpet for “Scrawls”.

You Might As Well Be Lost dishes up a cruisy, laidback acoustic number that could offer up some easy Sunday listening, before a change of pace on About Ships and Battles. There’s definitely a more relaxed vibe here, even though Scrawls seems to connect this EP to Ismael Clark’s solo debut Manoeuvrers of A Romance with its sound and lyric heavy listen.

It makes the contrast to a tune like 10 Miles To See a Good Armour even more stark, but the chilled sound works really well for this latest project.





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