New Music: Scattered Clouds

Scattered Clouds

Scattered Clouds began as a solo project in a home studio back in 2010, expanding to a group based in Hull, Quebec with a debut first full length record, The First Empire in 2015.

Think film noir brought to life with baritone vocals against sounds that are dark and post-apocalyptic, experimental noise that is both unsettling but purposely precise and transfixing to hear, eve without fully considering why. You could almost equate some of the brooding cinematic moments to those times watching a movie with eyes covered to avoid confrontation, only to be peeking through the gap between hands inquisitively.

Things start off a little eerie and dismal with Fallen, foreshadowing the ominous and leading to a few cryptic tales by way of Enchantresse, brought to life in a video that embodies internal tension, exploring self and identity and the alt-indie pop infiltrating People Walk. A desolate instrumental comes in the form of Floating Underwater, building into the depths of Deepest Night and its words of unruly hours and super powers and accumulating into an unsettling but intriguing listen on The First Empire.

Listen out for a collaboration with Roger D. Wilson, an experimental film maker for a new instrumental piece at Mirror Mountain Film Festival in December!








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