New Music: The Mondanes


So word has it that when The Mondanes debut EP Freeze Out was released, it got a little bit of attention – even garnering a spot in the top ten iTunes albums in their native Sweden.

Despite being a little slow to jump on the bandwagon with this one, some listening here is in order. Atlantic Sea is a fast paced guitar driven number, taking the band’s indie pop to the forefront for a welcoming listen. It’s pretty clear from the outset that The Mondanes’ sound is full of fun, ready for good times, and deserving of an invite to any party far and wide.

Jangly singalong melodies from Out on a Limb are irresistibly catchy, making listening at loud volumes a necessity. But there’s a change of pace on Silver Spoon, with The Mondanes venturing into their Americana tinged folk stylings, while still keeping a little of that pop charm before embracing a bit of retro charm on Jenny Say (Why Did You Move Away?)

By the time Violet Gun rolls around, it’s pretty fair to say that The Mondanes will have won over any resistance to being caught up in their effortlessly likeable melodies.








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