New Music: Flamingo Bay

Flamingo Bay

Rock and roll with a bit of garage and swampy sounds thrown into the mix comes by way of Flamingo Bay. The Ontario based three piece cooked up their latest album, Steak n’ Eggs earlier in the year, continuing to share their love of heavy rhythms and ripping guitars.



The minstrel journey begins with The Culprit of the Tahiti Pearl, a marathon seven minute delivery of sometimes rowdy, sometimes swampy rock. The band takes a few sonic cues from the blues as well, making a tune out of the mundane in Checkout Line and a heavy little number in Blues Flute.

Killer Flamingo Bay was bestowed the privilege of being a single prior to the album’s release brought to life in video courtesy of pizza delivery tales. Unless it’s a fluke, the solo voyager around town seems to be a bit of a theme in videos, if Righteousness is anything to go by.

SS offers a little listening by way of a band jam, but the album’s title track Steak n’ Eggs can’t be forgotten even if it’s the last to appear wrapping up proceedings with a jaunty rock tune.











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