New Music: Ryan O’Reilly

Ryan OReilly

It might be the name of one, Ryan O’Reilly comes together as a band. Nothing short of a worldly, transatlantic wagon of a band at that, honing their craft across continents along with all the trials and tribulations that time brings with it. Thankfully, it provides the necessary fodder to explore a life well-travelled through song, while giving worthy kudos to influences of Americana, Irish Folk and Heartland Rock.

Sometimes Things Just Happen is Ryan O’Reilly’s most recent EP, adding to a growing catalogue with laid back tunes sharing useful wisdom of come what may on the EP’s title track, before a haunting account on I Never Told Her and more storytelling skill shared by way of The Black & The Blue before a few live recordings.

But it wasn’t all that long ago that O’Reilly’s Northern Lights EP was released, directing its focus to dualities in relationships with people and places through its story-like tales. Evil Quarter Mile is worthy of a deserving mention and listen, and working through the EP will reveal the delicate Northern Lights with its ethereal choruses.








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