New Music: The Nursery

The Nursery 2

The Nursery is a Toronto based band promising wild eyed dance jams via their alt-pop and indie rock sounds.

Wild eyed as they may claim to be, the members of The Nursery put their alt-pop ways to good work with She Speaks the Wave, living up to self-set expectations of delivering dance jams with the help of twangy guitars, a touch of psychedelic pop and a little fuzz. Building melodies and waves of sound into blistering choruses serves a fast paced listening treat, not to mention a debut directional effort in the video from Toronto-based photographic artist, Genevieve Blais and more local Toronto hands helping out by way of cinematography from Alex Bros and sculpture work from Gosia.

Hanging on for the B-side to the single, Hexes and Oh’s offers up a more organic helping of The Nursery’s sound, downplaying the electronics in favour of something a little more guitar and rock based with simple, melodic singalong choruses.








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