Babylon Circus @ Melbourne Festival – 10 Oct ’15

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Babylon Circus @ Melbourne Festival

The night started with seeing a bunch of gleeful faces, some glowing with sweat, exiting the festival site. This was the aftermath of the first Babylon Circus show…with another to follow.

So with the venue doors open again, the second wave of punters gathered for whatever was ahead of them, without any care as to the time or the world outside. And Babylon Circus came to the party, even if it was a little slowly by stretching out the entire band’s arrival on stage to Never Stop.

Two shows in a night wasn’t going to hold this nine-piece French-English ska-rock group back, and not being able to understand a word of French wasn’t any deterrent to having a good time, managing to get everyone involved in some straightforward cheering during De La Musique Et Du Bruit.

Sound wise, this was a mixed bag of all sorts – with everything from the manic to whimsical, taking big horns and gypsy influences in their stride alongside big dance numbers, making it seem like any occasion with this lot is cause for partying and celebration.

Babylon Circus @ Melbourne Festival

Babylon Circus @ Melbourne Festival

Expecting nothing but good times and being open to hearing anything is probably the best way to go, especially knowing that things can change from big guitar riffs in Nina blasting from stage to imitating jungle sounds in Lost Inna Jungle, bringing the trombone to the front of the stage for a little moment in the spotlight or the entire band for that matter for a group singalong.

If there’s anything to take out of seeing Babylon Circus on stage, it’s the necessity of wearing seriously comfy shoes while doing so because there’s no way that standing on the sidelines could be any fun with this much entertainment and frivolity in a room.

Babylon Circus @ Melbourne Festival

Babylon Circus @ Melbourne Festival

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