New Music: Slumberdog

Slumberdog 1

Slumberdog goes out of its way to avoid any confusion or misattribution from the outset – the trio clearly defining themselves as a three-piece grunge/alt rock band creating grunge-trance-punk-groove-rock, with no association to Slumber (dog) of Westminster Kennel Club (further reading is available for futile fact finding or general knowledge enthusiasts).

But now that’s been cleared up, sole focus can be put onto the music originating near Birmingham, UK and delivered on an album entitled Orca which came to form at the beginning of the year.

The subtleties of Exit Space create intrigue and curiousity before booming into a rock explosion taking a cue from more prog sounds, offering generous amounts of spacy, ethereal vocals against a heavy backdrop.

From then on it’s a dose of edgier, dense rock from The Well that embraces all things alternative. Things venture into into a bit of experimental journeying for a darker, trancelike approach in the early moments of Always Is (A Horse To Be Reckoned With) and an unexpected turn towards the end, perhaps with a compatriot of sorts in Never Was (A Wreck To Be Hoarsened With).

There are moments of respite, but for all intensive listening purposes Cobra vs Honey Badger makes for some worthy attention.


And if the ongoing inclusion of animal references wasn’t enough, viewing entertainment can be found by way of the video for The Well, thanks to some interesting character ‘casting’ and DIY animation.











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