New Music: Purple Hill

Purple Hill

It may have taken some hovering and floating around the scene for 11 or so years, in various forms and monikers but the style, mind and songwriting of Owen Marchildon has come around to its current form as Purple Hill. The sounds and styles being decades of rock coming to form in the album Top 40 Radio Memory Dream (Oh Yeah​!​), recorded with band and Jeff McMurrich in tow.

What results is a sound that is nothing short of loving rock & roll with a little punk flair from the outset with Sweat Out the Take Out and continuing with amusing antics throughout evident of not taking themselves too seriously. Not necessarily ground breaking, but definitely a solid, fun listen with Through Your Nightmares being no exception to that.

But this isn’t a one trick pony act, taking a more subdued approach to accompany a tale in Being Young (like it’s so far behind them) but also sharing a sense of humour by way of Beiber fever in Top 40 Radio Memory Dream (Oh Yeah​!​). At the 24th Hour is a special tribute to all things 24 and Jack Bauer, one for all the fans sans the show’s sound effects.

There’s even a video for Six String All To My Heart thanks to the creative direction of videographer Martin McNenly.







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