New Music: Section C

Section C

The sounds of Section C are the result of writing inspired by love, hate, and gardens. It just so happens that Section C also likes to throw these songs into the stratosphere.

Runaway provided a first listen to Section C offering a quirky indie folk number. But since then, there’s been an entire album of troubles shared through song. It’s called Voodoo in Blue, and continues on the journey with quaint indie folk tinged with rock or more of a pop twist in tunes like Molly’s Bones. Side brings a little more melancholy and seriousness to the fold, and Marine Lover is an alternative tune that captures a few ocean references in song.

Although guitar driven, there’s a load of different sounds and effects pushing creativity in tracks like Isabel’s Lullaby along with distinctive vocals delivered almost as spoken story telling at times, with the classic and eccentric all combining in the title track Voodoo in Blue.

Newer tunes and covers continue on the journey – including a charming little number called The Hermit, not to mention a Gorillaz cover (Up on Melancholy Hill)

When the intention is to offer a melodic solution to life’s stresses, there’s nothing wrong with a light-hearted listen with a peculiar twist.









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