New Music: Vast Robot Armies

Vast Robot Armies

Vast Robot Armies began with a debut release called Goodnight Myopia from a one man band, and through chance, coincidence, fate or luck, a mutual appreciation of sounds uncovered sonic allies in Sundiver who were interested in collaborating. A few trips and a junction in Chicago resulted in an entire album named Little Creatures, described in short as Space Rock meets Heavygaze.

The collaborating and travel has paid off, with the opener Revenge for Nerds setting up the scene with a polished rock number. The album’s title track starts off sounding a little gloomier but picks up into a harder hitting rock track, catchy chorus included for good measure only to be followed up with lashings of guitar in Everything New is Old Again.

The sounds get bigger as the album progresses, resulting in high impact with loads of melody made for listening at loud volumes, where weighty rock is effortlessly balanced to give everything a chance to be heard. Mousetrap, Foxtrot and Suckerpunch stand out among the pack for some top listens, but even when the outfit tries to slow things down a little as they do in Your Ex Knife Set, that heavy intense sound still comes through in a perfectly balanced way.


Now, the work continues with a demo called Steel Teeth, early signs of good sounds ahead…







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