New Music: Tamara Williamson

Tamara Williamson

“Stories are told for the purpose of sharing and that is what I hope to do.”

Creative inspiration might be sourced from a myriad of influences and sources, but when it breaks through a music hiatus and results in releasing an album for the first time in four years as it did with Tamara Williamson, the inspiration and impetus to act must come from a truly motivating source.

And it did, in the form of a moving story shared on radio about an Argentinian woman named Victoria Montenegro. From it, came the lead single Victoria that spurred a concept album of sorts entitled Sister Mother Daughter Wife, a collection of songs that each feature the voice of a woman with a story to tell, opening the door to the difficulties and burden of defied civil liberties.

What followed was Angel, inspired by the life and words of a Canadian woman named Angel Wolfe. In song, this translates to a somewhat unnerving listen and effectively delivers an unsettling wave of feelings to accompany its origins while the line of ‘Time is an Ocean’ still lingers.

Although a solo artist now, Williamson has in the past worked with a number of other artists including Absolutely Free, with whom she collaborated with for the stirring Who’s Next.

The result is a haunting and stirring listen, not for singing along but for hearing and feeling the delivery of story to an array of sparse and thoughtful arrangements. At times it’s a tough ask with jarring and unsettling moments, but the intensity is both fitting and deserving given the profound content.








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