Rubber Soul Revolver Album Tour @ Hamer Hall – 4 Aug ’15


There was a risk of assuming a mediocre tribute show was in the works, but the Rubber Soul Revolver tour was a means of bringing two great albums from The Beatles back to the stage courtesy of a skilled band and featuring vocals from an eclectic assembly of Jordie Lane, Marlon Williams, Husky Gawenda (of Husky) and Fergus Linacre (of Kingswood) and it worked.

So as the name of the show suggested, proceedings commenced with Rubber Soul in track order, kicking off with all four performers on stage for Drive My Car and all the signs of a great night’s entertainment. Marlon Williams took the reins of Norwegian Wood with pure and perfect vocals, handing over to Jordie Lane for You Won’t See Me. Together, the harmonies of Nowhere Man were flawless.

It was a little odd watching the other half of the vocal line up without their own bands in tow, but it still made for good listening with Husky Gawenda taking on Think For Yourself, and Fergus Linacre delivering The Word with a little more reservation than what usually comes from lead vocals in Kingswood.

Pairing of vocals and songs couldn’t have been more seamless, whether solo or as a group with Williams’ angelic tones being a perfect pairing to Michelle as was Gawenda to Girl. There was no escaping the joy from I’m Looking Through You and Run for Your Life either.

But by way of picking favourite albums on the night, the pick had to go to Revolver. Not only because of the string section joining the band on stage, but the profound Eleanor Rigby and dreamy sounds of I’m Only Sleeping just make for great listening.

It becomes pretty apparent that creativity was more, ‘enhanced’ shall we say on Revolver, showcased early on courtesy of George Harrison’s Love You To, and having memories of singing Yellow Submarine in school all come flooding back.

Tomorrow Never Knows may have signalled the end of formalities, but there was still time for a few favourites in We Can Work it Out, Day Tripper and I Saw Her Standing There, almost mandating a marathon Beatles listening session. But that was all for that night.

And as far as non-musical highlights go, you couldn’t go past Marlon Williams busting out a few dance moves on stage, and some serious shoe envy from what looked to be red suede on the feet of Jordie Lane.

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