Blur @ Rod Laver Arena (with Jamie T) – 28 Jul ’15

A last minute decision to get along to just one more Splendour sideshow. After debating for days and weeks, taking the opportunity to see Blur was too good to miss, considering it had been 18 years since the band’s last Australian tour.

Blur @ Rod Laver Arena

Blur @ Rod Laver Arena

Being completely unfamiliar with Jamie T, the support set was an opportunity to get a little more acquainted. Only managing to catch a few songs but enough to get a taste of big pop choruses from They Told Me it Rained, happy-go-lucky sounds of If You Got the Money and pure fun of Zombie with its super catchy tune seemed to be a pretty fitting opening.

After watching a crowd nothing short of varied and diverse, Blur arrived with a set that was more than just a blast of greatest hits, even kicking off the night with a household newbie in Go Out and sounding in fine form. The bright stage lights, almost blinding at times, were in tune to the cheer and quirky indie rock and dare it be said, Britpop reminisce that was underway with There’s No Other Way.

Interest did seem to wane a little with the newer stuff despite its worth of being heard – a later inclusion of Thought I was a Spaceman came with a pretty epic live delivery, but a slower number like Ghost Ship just created a little more keenness behind hearing a favourite like Coffee and TV and the roaring cheers as soon as Beetlebum hit.

Trimm Trabb was a bit of surprise, being far bigger and brash on stage, not to mention more massive cheers that came with Tender. There was no reservation in getting the crowd involved, including bringing a few audience members on stage to help out with Parklife and of course the howling whoo-hoos that came with Song 2.

This is a Low was a grand finale, but the encore ensured that Girls and Boys made its anticipated appearance before everything ended to the dreamy, wistful tune of The Universal.

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