New Music: Moonlands



It was just shy of a year ago that Moonland’s Paradise Blue EP was shared here. Rather than resting idle the band put their creative energy into some new material earlier in the year. Not as part of an EP, but simply under the indisputable label of ‘new tracks’.


Whether a coincidence or a clever play on words, Out of the Blue is the perfect continuation from the Paradise Blue EP – minimalist sounds, soulful vocals shining against sparingly strummed guitar for dreamy, atmospheric pop with just a sprinkling of whimsical charm.


But a fresher, more vibrant sound awaits with bright jangly guitar, funky rhythm and sunny vocals, capped with spacious dreamy sounds and a little brass all crammed into Fall For Me. As weird  and convoluted as it may sound, it works for a catchy pop tune. This is by far the cheeriest Moonlands sound to date.








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