New Music: Big Lonely

Big lonely

Picnic baskets are usually full of delicious treats, but Big Lonely claims to be a picnic basket full of smouldering emotion. While it may be waiting to erupt, the risk only involves encountering dark themes and a little heartbreak set to the sounds of indie rock, found by hitting play on the band’s debut album Close Your Eyes, Keep Talking.

Cactus brings a youthful, quirky sound before taking out a little angst with a burst of rock that continues into Bottom Feeder. The album’s first single, Dirty Clocks gives a first glimpse into the contrast of melancholy to light-hearted indie sounds and embraces the underdog courtesy of a tabletop hockey game in the video.


But You Want it All sums up the band’s premise of struggling with the pursuit of adult sophistication and remaining young at heart, taking on darker, serious lyrics with a jovial, carefree dance rock sound layered with melody.


After managing a more mature alt sound more fitting to the melancholy in Compare This to Me, I Donned A Shade is a bit of an epic piece, going in all sorts of directions and fusing a bunch of different sounds into four minutes. And somehow, it all seems to work before winding down into All My Lucky Senses.








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