New Music: Standards


Kid is a little obnoxious and stubborn, but it’s the kind of thing you could expect to hear from a band yet to reach legal drinking age while recording. It’s a mighty fine effort and a keen opening to an EP of the same name from a Canadian trio called Standards, considering one of the three couldn’t play a note upon initial introductions and someone else had to ditch their guitar to bash some drums. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

Haze is a little more astute and seems to reflect a band that’s managed to get it’s shit together, irrespective of its little hiccups and challenges along the way. It slows things down a little and keeps things simple, without losing volume or impact. The intro of Vaseline only hints at a catchy sound, but delivers a decent little rocker with melodic guitars worthy of another listen.

That opening guitar riff on Rodeo though – that was a bit of a reminder of Silverchair’s The Door from a while back. That’s not suggesting any sinister copying here but definitely a similar gutsy guitar laden sound, and that’s a very good thing.


In more recent news, Scatter is a new track from the band, and is more edgy and hard-nosed sound that the Kid EP alluded to but still just as loud.







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