New Music: Christian Punk Band

Christian Punk Band

Christian Punk Band is the result of the band’s namesake, Christian Turner plugging away at song writing and crafting for years. It comes in the form of a trio calling Toronto home. The name says punk, but the sounds here are more rock and fuzz-fused pop.

So while more tunes are being recorded, the band’s debut EP has been out for a little while now and it’s a goodie. The whole thing kicks off with Bang Bang – loud rock laced with punchy vocals, big melodies and catchy pop hooks before Superdown introduces some angst masked by an infectious pop-rock melody and sweet ear melting harmonies.

Those jangly melodies and driving drums continue their way into Revampires, but the guitars and fuzz get turned up for Taki, keeping up with the frantic drums thundering through for a track that comes close, but not close enough to rivaling Superdown as the stand out.








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