The Rubens @ Howler – 15 Jul’ 15

There’s still a few weeks to wait until The Rubens’ new album is released. But for those eager beavers preordering the new album with a golden ticket in hand, a showcase performance at Howler was an early opportunity to hear some of those new tunes.

The Rubens @ Howler

The Rubens @ Howler

Let’s get one thing straight though – yes, the ticket was called a golden ticket, but there was nothing golden about it other than its name (scrap any images coming to mind from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). It had however been a couple of years since seeing The Rubens at the Forum, a mighty performance with a debut release in tow.

This time around, it was new tunes from the outset and if first impressions are anything to go by, sounds that are a little edgier, a little darker with more of a rock bent, but still with catchy hooks and choruses judging by the latest single Hoops.

New tunes were welcomed with open ears and bodies grooving along, but the cheers were reserved for the old tunes – Lay it Down, The Best We Got and My Gun also thrown in to appease the people.

The Rubens @ Howler

The Rubens @ Howler

Hallelujah, the first single from the new album is a killer track but the band also shared what was described as the heaviest track on the album which could be a potential favourite – a little more distortion and rougher around the edges, but also a willingness to branch out from the expected.

A two song encore, wrapping up with another newie called Cut Me Loose and the night was done – a bit underwhelming in some ways. It seemed everyone was just getting into it and when you’re hearing between-tune banter about how keen the band was to be back performing, it’s not a night you necessarily want to cut short.


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