New Music: Pet Sun

Pet Sun

Pet Sun is a four-piece Canadian garage rock outfit. They like to rock by the sounds of things, and their EP, Feel Like I’m Going Away is worth liking.

That’s also the EP’s opening track, and it’s hard not to love those rocking guitars, with maybe just a hint of surf rock creeping through in the midst. There’s nothing but raucous fun to be had with Gimme Your Soul but the band gives a glimpse into a mellower side with Goodbye Two-Headed Monster, at least in sound if not by title.

If further proof is needed as to why you can’t judge a song by its title – Lutes goes to support that whole heartedly. Because after listening to that entire six-plus minutes of noise, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a lute anywhere in the vicinity of that track but it’s worth the listen for some distorted sonic indulgence.

But wait, there’s more. Just a couple of months ago Pet Sun shared a new tune, Never Quit upping the attitude rather than the fuzz on their garage sound. It has a video as well…








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