Lamb Boulevard @ The Evelyn Hotel – 8 Jul ’15

No one has to be a math whiz to work out that three bands for $10 is a bloody good deal, so a night at the Evelyn to check out Lamb Boulevard at their July residency was in order.

There’s no clear cut way of describing Lamb Boulevard, and using a description such as ‘They’re a bit like Mumford and Sons’ doesn’t really do it much justice either. It’s a blend of indie, rock, roots and folk sounds – not just within tracks but also across tracks. But they do deliver a folking good time.

From the outset, you get commanding vocals with thoughtful lyrics deserving of attention with gentle acoustics sounds. But that didn’t last for too long – the gentle part that is, with layers of violin, keys and electric guitar slowly filtering through, before the thundering drums in Ashamed. And that banjo sitting amongst the guitars had its time to shine as well as the band continued to share their tunes.

Somehow, it all works together with this raw energy and fun – regardless of whether the folk is turned up or venturing into something a little more indie. Chosen One is a stand out, and fittingly getting a little attention at the moment but it’s awesome stuff all round. Extra kudos for the ukelele on Here We Go as well.

And the other two acts? They’re definitely worth hearing as well. Wally Howlett brought his busking ways indoors for the night, sharing a few self-penned tunes and good taste with a couple of covers from Crowded House and The Beatles. And genre poses no boundaries for The Black Harrys, with the trio indulging in a little blues, a bit of folk, venturing into roots and reggae, plus a touch of funk thrown in for good measure.




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