Label of Love Series @ Shadow Electric: Remote Control Records – 12 Jul ’15

Remote Control Records

Winter had finally arrived with blistery winds and non-stop rain all day. For the majority, this would call for a day and evening spent in doors. For others, Mother Nature holds no barrier to getting out for some live music, this time at Shadow Electric for their Label of Love series. Tonight’s label being Remote Control Records, represented by five of its acts. With that sort of line up, the chances of hearing something good was high. Turns out they were all good.


A wall of intense indie sounds announced the arrival of Sunbeam Sound Machine to those prompt enough to be there early. Wandering provided a taste of the dreamy indie pop this lot create, laced with just a little psychadelia, going along its merry way without any rush or urgency. The set continued with lush summery tones, helping to forget about the bitter chill outside wrapping up with Real Life.


Next up, Dorsal Fins with an impressive set up cramming multiple members on stage and glistening sunny sounds courtesy of Mind Renovation, complete with its vocal duet and rich arrangements. There was no denying the energy and enthusiasm on stage, only waning for a few tunes including the subtleties of Fell and Escape Me. Superstar is a gorgeous little number from this bunch of mates, before Monday Tuesday and Nothing Left to Hide called for dancing shoes.


Rather than just relying on words and hearsay, it was time to see Methyl Ethel. The sound is a little bit pop, a little alternative, made of lush layers that still have space to breathe. The chilled out tones set against heavier beats of Rogues, uptempo vibes of Twilight Driving with chords reminiscent of a Americana styled sounds before venturing down a rock path in a heavier live version of Shadowboxing impressed enough that this is going to be worthy of another listen.


Pearls had already impressed earlier in the year supporting Oh Mercy, and only seemed to sound better this time around as soon as the blissful sounds of STTH came flooding through. Full dreamy rock, with a little glam stirring things up with male and female vocals across lush, full soundscapes like those in Me & My Girl or the sassier sounds of Big Shot . It’s a glorious thing to hear.


As good as Pearls are, Teeth & Tongue was the definite draw card on the night, making the departure of punters seem a little strange. It was definitely their loss, missing out on the grand sounds and sumptuous vocals on offer. Tracks from Grids were on show, including the beat driven Easy Living, the layers of vocals in Good Man and the mighty impressive and indulgent sounds of Newborn. Since seeing the group supporting Vance Joy last year, a more energetic sound seems to have come to the band’s alt pop vibe if Cupcake and other new sounds shared are anything to go by, perhaps a little teaser of things to come.


And with that, five all too short sets came to an end. Despite each set ending just as soon as it started, as a live sampler it was a pretty awesome showcase of five talented bands.



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