New Music: Atlas Eyes

atlas eyes

If a mix of alt rock and ambient vibes doesn’t seem out of place, then five-piece Atlas Eyes from Liverpool are worth listening to.

Hometime was released last year, venturing into lighter indie rock mixed up with electronic elements but having just wrapped up recording their debut EP release, Atlas Eyes also shared some pre-EP teasers last month, leading up to a September EP release if information sources hold true.

Breathe puts the ambient side of things to the background for a moment to let more of an alt rock vibe cut through – and compared to the other tracks, the genre mix is the kind of thing that is either really interesting or a little uncomfortable for those more comfortable in defined boundaries. Taking the former view, Youth is a sweet little whimsical tune, and the minimalist sounds of Talk manages ambiance to focus on earnest lyrics with enough edge to keep some level of energy and momentum rolling through.







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