New Music: Bombay Harambee


This one’s a pretty simple tale to grasp. Bombay Harambee are a four piece rock outfit. They call Little Rock, Arkansas home, and they like things like the Pixies, and vinyl, and cassettes. This whole thing started when Dave, Trent, and Alex met at college and summoned Jason into the fold. Then came the  pleading, borrowing, and begging (but hopefully not stealing) for some rehearsal space and voila, the band was born.

Check, Check, Checkmate is a ripper of a tune from the band’s forthcoming album (with a 2015 release planned). Not only does it sound good, but there’s a little lesson here too – “Check, Check, Checkmate” is the best way to end a game of chess. At the very last second, the series of moves combine to reveal the lurking scheme at play all along. Entertaining, and educational.

Not sure if there’s a scheme lurking amongst the feel good tunes here, but take the risk and keep listening. The b-side of Dotted Line is full of gritty guitar driven rock that sounds best when turned up loud.


Still not enough? Then Wolfman Fellowship is deserving of a listen. Sure, the side A and B thing will only really work if opting for the cassette version, but indulge in the abbreviated and vowel-adverse titles. In the band’s own words, it’s a hodgepodge of tracks recorded for the “You Know Better” EP and forthcoming “Goldmine” LP. But there’s nothing wrong with this hodgepodge – CCCM is a killer opener, and the rest of the tracks don’t disappoint – even opting for a bit of a darker edge on YKB and a good old rock n roll feel in All The Time.







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